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Fill out UB-04 (CMS 1450) forms on your computer print the data or submit claims electronically.

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  • Easy to use interface with Help boxes for ease of use

  • Saveload claims from your hard drive or network

  • Creates reusable templates for speed of entry and eliminating repetition

  • Print onto purchased forms or print the form in either black & white or color

  • Advanced Printer Alignment - calibrates the form with your printer perfectly

  • Batch Printing print multiple claims with one click

  • EDI File Creator allows the user to create a single “Print Image” eFile (electronic file) out of multiple claims, which can then be sent to a clearinghouse for Electronic, Paperless Submission

  • AutoFill for repetitive transactions in rows 1 - 22 of Boxes 42 - 49

  • Automatic Addition calculates charges automatically

  • Administrative Security Login to further protect your claim files and enhance HIPAA Compliance through Privacy and Security

  • Enhanced Importation/Exportation allows importation from ms-excel (MS Excel) and MS Access (MS Access), as well as exportation to MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word (MS Word), and PDF, allowing entry-less claim creation

  • Ideal for Institutional Health Care Claims and Medicare/Medicaid Claims

  • One-time purchase fee that includes free Technical Support and Software Updates

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Definition of the UB-04 Form

The primary purpose of this revised form is to align the paper form to the electronic data standards, both the current 004010/004010A1 and the future 005010. In addition, these changes have freed up space on the UB-92 paper form for alternative reporting data. Organizations could begin using the new UB-04 paper format on March 1, 2007 and was mandated effective May 23, 2007. After May 22, 2007, the UB-92 paper claim will not be accepted – even as an adjustment claim.

The standard, uniform bill (UB) for institutional healthcare providers that’s used throughout the U.S. is known as the UB-04, which replaced the UB-92 following a four-year study involving National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) members and various public surveys. The UB form is used by hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, home health agencies, and other institutional providers.