Installation Instructions

Need to download and install your medical billing software product?

  1. Download the appropriate software:
    • HCFA-1500 (CMS 1500)                  UB-04 (CMS 1450)

            DOWNLOAD NOW              DOWNLOAD NOW

  2. A window will appear. Open, Run, or Save the file.
  3. The download will begin. Sometimes, a security warning appears. This is normal.  
    Open, Run, Accept, Proceed,
    or Yes.
    A security warning may pop up asking if you wish to run the software. Click "Run", "Yes", or "Allow".
  4. Run the download. Double-click the file itself, or the file in your Downloads window.
  5. The installer will start and display "Welcome to the Setup Wizard..."
  6. Proceed through the installer by clicking Next.
  7. Click the Install button, which will install the software onto your hard drive.
  8. Finish & Launch the software. A Desktop icon has been added for your convenience.
  9. Use the free trial or enter your registration information to fully unlock the software.
When registering, enter your First, Last, & Company names exactly as they appear.  
The Registration Code is found within the itemized portion of the e-mailed receipt.
For information on registering the software, click here.
You can only install the software on the purchased amounts of user licenses (# of PCs).
For information on moving, backing up, & deactivating the software, click here.
For information on upgrading the software, click here.