Installation Instructions

Download the appropriate software:
When registering, enter your First, Last, & Company names exactly as they appear. The Registration Code is found within the itemized portion of the e-mailed receipt. You can only install the software on the purchased amounts of user licenses (# of PCs).
  • Step One

    A window will appear. Open, Run, or Save the file.

  • STep Two

    The download will begin. Sometimes, a security warning appears. This is normal.
    Open, Run, Accept, Proceed, or Yes.

  • Step Three

    Run the download. Double-click the file itself, or the file in your Downloads window.

    A security warning may ask if you wish to run the software. Click Open, Run, Accept, Proceed, or Yes.
  • Step Four

    The installer will start and display "Welcome to the Setup Wizard..."

  • Step Five

    The installer will start and display "Welcome to the Setup Wizard..."

  • Step Six

    Proceed through the installer by clicking Next.

  • Step Seven

    Click the Install button, which will install the software onto your hard drive.

  • Step Eight

    Finish & Launch the software.
    A Desktop icon has been added for your convenience.

  • Step Nine

    Use the free trial or enter your registration information to fully unlock the software.

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UB-04 Software, Inc. specializes in medical billing form filling software and electronic claims processing. We strive to deliver high-quality, affordable and reliable form filler software products that will increase the efficiency of your claim filing and ultimately your business.

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