HCFA-1500 Fill & Print

HCFA1500 Fill & Print


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Fill out HCFA 1500 (CMS 1500) forms on your computer, print and mail the completed claims.

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  • Simple interface with Help boxes for ease of use and learning that act as a Tutorial
  • Save & load claims from your hard drive or network
  • Creates templates for speed of completion and to eliminate repetitive entries
  • Print onto pre-purchased forms or print the entire form in either color or black & white
  • Advanced Printer Alignment that calibrates the form with your printer
  • Batch Printing allows multiple claims to print with a single click
  • AutoCopy for repetitive transactions in Rows 1 - 6 of Boxes 24A - 24J
  • AutoAddition calculates charges automatically
  • Enhanced Importation/Exportation allows importation from ms-excel (MS Excel) and MS Access (MS Access), as well as exportation to MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word (MS Word), and PDF, allowing entry-less claim creation
  • Ideal for Professional Health Care Claims and Medicare/Medicaid Claims
  • One-time purchase fee that includes free Technical Support and Software Updates

HCFA-1500 Print & Fill Software Screenshots

HCFA 1500 Overview

If you are a health care professional, such as a private doctor or physical therapist, and for the first time you need the HCFA 1500 to fill and print claim forms, then you have a mildly frustrating experience ahead of you; however, claim form filling software can help. The purpose of the HCFA 1500 is for non-institutional health care providers to file claims with insurance providers for payment. Therefore, hospitals, hospice care centers, and drug rehabilitation centers are all examples of healthcare providers that have to use the UB04 form, also called the CMS 1450, instead of the HCFA 1500.

The HCFA 1500 is also known as the CMS 1500. If you need to submit a paper copy of the claim form to an insurance agency to receive payment, a CMS 1500 claim form software is an effective way to do so. Otherwise, if you do not already have access to paper or other copies of the form, getting them from an official distributor can be time consuming and difficult.

Some of the important considerations for this form include separately filing each of a patient’s visits, having accurate information for all of a patient’s possible insurance providers and submitting claims to them in the correct order, as well as accurately filling out several small pieces of technical data about the health care provider and the treatment rendered. This can be difficult and tedious, for example, because filing a claim for payment for a client that has Medicare and Medicaid requires that you file in a specific order: Medicare first then separately for Medicaid. Your filing with Medicaid should not include information on the form about payment received from Medicare, but rather you need to submit appropriate documentation of the Medicare payment.

Whether facing practical frustrations such as repeatedly entering the same data, or more complex difficulties about how to file, software that allows you to access the HCFA 1500 to fill and print claim forms can significantly simplify and clarify your tasks.