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Inovalon eClaim Services

eClaim Services

Send claims electronically and get paid faster!

A new partnership between UB-04 Software, Inc. and INOVALON® is helping providers and payers simplify the administrative of healthcare. & INOVALON® offer an easy solution with the following benefits:

  • Keep revenue flowing with a powerful tool that helps staff focus on real-time eligibility checks, claims status tracking and simple payment posting for both government and commercial claims.
  • All-in-one, simple, secure web portal, WebLink™
  • Flexible, customizable pricing plans
  • Individual or batch claim submission available 24/7, 365
  • Flexible, customizable pricing plans
  • Process Professional HCFA/CMS 1500 & Institutional UB-04 claims
  • Multiple levels of claim edits to reduce rejections and speed up reimbursement
  • Over 6,420 insurance connections

To request a demo or for more information, please contact UB-04 Software directly for special pricing by calling
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this service?
  • One central location to manage all billing materials, including:
    • Electronic Remittance Advice - Electronic EOBs
    • Real-Time Eligibility - Verify patient coverage
    • Claim Status Updates - Avoid long on-hold times when calling payers
    • Appeals & Timely Filing Letters - Prefilled for your convenience
    • Analytical Snapshot - Review revenue, performance & trends
  • Reduce Errors - Catch & fix in minutes, rather than days and weeks
  • Rapid claims & payment processing - Get paid faster and directly
  • Eliminate the need for paper forms, stamps, and envelopes
What happened to MD On-Line (MDOL)?
ABILITY network, a leading healthcare technology company, acquired MD On-Line, making one of the largest, most reliable, and secure web-based networks. With ABILITY, you are in great hands!