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NUCC 1500 Instruction Manual 2021 Updated Released

July 1, 2021

The NUCC has released its annual, updated version of its 1500 Health Insurance Claim Form Reference Instruction Manual. The updated instruction manual, Version 9.0 7/21, goes into effect immediately and is available under the 1500 Claim Form tab.

The following is a list of changes that have been made to the 8.0 7/20 version of the 1500 Instruction Manual since its release in July 2020:

  • Page 2 - Added citation - Added how to cite the 1500 Claim Form
  • Item Number 23, Instructions - Revised wording - Removed “pre-“ from “pre-certification” to align with wording in the 5010A1 837P. Instruction now reads: "Enter any of the following: prior authorization number, referral number, mammography certification number, or Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) number, as assigned by the payer for the current service."